American Flag Football Experience (12th October 2017)

5th & 12th October 2017 @Kennington Park


Flag American Football Experience

Day 1 was a basic introduction to flag American football. Children learnt the basics of each position in the morning from Quarter Back throwing mechanics to Receiver route running and even playing defence. The day ended with a general gameplay to begin getting the children used to the game situations.

Day 2 kicked of with high defensive drills, running plays and a wide variety of physical & energetic activities linked to American football. This is followed after lunch by a beginners tournament.

Subway Flag Football Game @Wembley 1st October 2017 (Dolphins vs Saints)

Some of our young people were given the opportunity to attend and showcase, a Flag Football Match, @Wembley Stadium, during half time at the Dolphins Vs Saints London NFL Game.

Subway Flag Football Game @Wembley - 1st October 2017

Subway half-time exhibition game 

(Dolphins vs Saints)